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How and where are our software solutions used? Our use cases show individual IT solutions for multiple industries and application areas. From Connected Mobility to data-driven Services ...


Connected Mobility

Connectivity of technical products via the internet is the basis for a multitude of new services. Connected mobility services are a basic component in the automotive industry enabling future-shaping technologies such as autonomous driving, shared mobility or electric mobility.

Connected Things

Reduce the operating costs of machines, plants and connected devices, extend service life and offer value-added services for the customer. Connected things services create new added value for your products and systems – in your company and for your customers, thanks to real-time information and its use.

Software Factory

The areas of application for software are extremely diverse. Our mission: to simplify processes and create real added value through digitalisation.
The basis of our software development with Devops is the doubleSlash software creation chain – figuratively speaking, an optimised production line for your software products.

Subscription Management

The fundamental change of business models – customers today strive for flexibility and customisation in their consumer behavior. To ensure that all business processes go hand-in-hand and customers' needs are fulfilled, the IT environment must be completely compatible with the business processes.

Connected Data Spaces

Data-driven business models, the move towards automation and the pressures of regulatory compliance often necessitate the sharing of data across organisational boundaries. Data spaces are one of the keys to achieving simple, secure and self-determined data sharing.

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