Data integration and data refinement for a 360-degree view

The steps to creating a 360-degree view of the digital enterprise

The future of mobility is electric – Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS) develops digital charging solutions for car manufacturers and fleet operators, making it one of the key global drivers of the shift to electromobility. Their white label solutions provide access to a comprehensive network of charging points and enable drivers of electric vehicles to find, use and pay for public charging stations worldwide in an easy and seamless manner. doubleSlash has accompanied DCS since it was founded in 2017 as an IT service provider and end-to-end product partner. With their DataSaurus system, DCS has created a central, scalable storage solution for structured and unstructured data providing a 360° view of its entire data ecosystem. The solution is continually being improved and expanded to include new data sources and opened up to new user groups.

Understand data, make better decisions, leverage efficiency potential

For their business model to work, DCS needs to know how their charging points are used and how the resulting costs are charged. In the past, there was a legacy system that was not set up optimally, limiting the potential for maintenance and expansion. Building a 360-degree view was therefore not feasible.

The aim of the joint project is to consolidate and prepare all relevant data by connecting the various different systems in the DCS ecosystem and make the data available to specific users. In cooperation with DCS, doubleSlash has implemented these requirements in a scalable and sustainable system solution known as DataSaurus. Merging data from previously isolated sources allows DCS to gain a fuller picture of its customers, products and product usage. In future, this will enable the following:

    A better understanding of the data and its interrelationships

    Rapid, data-supported decision-making

    Traceability and measurability of implemented measures

    Creation of added value by;

    • Improving customer loyalty,
    • Increasing turnover,
    • Increasing market share.

    During the first stages of developing the DataSaurus system, it was possible to identify initial savings potentials and increase them through post-processing. The stable system architecture has significantly improved the performance of existing evaluations and made other evaluations possible in the first place. DataSaurus is GDPR-compliant. A ‘privacy by design’ approach was applied from the very beginning. DataSaurus meanwhile provides data for the corporate divisions of finance, marketing, product management and support – with more being added all time. The data provided can be used by the business units for their own detailed analyses.

    This is what DCS says about the cooperation with doubleSlash: A successful joint project

    „doubleSlash is a partner who understands the tools of the trade when it comes to data-driven services and has taken end-to-end responsibility for our DataSaurus product. The focus is always on the customer, the end user and the business value. The extra edge for me: I appreciate the solution-oriented approach and trusting cooperation with the doubleSlash team and their diverse competences. We work together, but we also celebrate success together – and that forges a strong bond.“

    Robyne Pelwan // Product Owner DataSaurus // Digital Charging Solutions GmbH

    The DataSaurus for sustainable system architecture

    Building sustainable system architecture based on data staging and data zones

    Our services:

    • Exploration of the basic architecture and implementation of a proof of concept
    • Analysis and structured collection of existing data sources such as customer master data, product usage data, product infrastructure data, billing data, marketing data (tracking, website, voucher codes, and so on)
    • Design of sustainable system architecture based on data staging and data zones
    • Technology evaluation and evolution
    • Ongoing agile implementation of system components from conception to production readiness
    • Setup and configuration of infrastructure components based on Microsoft Azure (automation using Terraform and other automation technologies)
    • Agile requirements and project management

    Technologies used:

    • Java
    • Spring Boot, Spring Data
    • Azure AppService
    • AZ Managed PostgreSQL
    • AZ BlobStorag
    • AZ Cognitive Search
    • AZ DevOps Pipelines
    • AZ AppInsights
    • Terraform



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