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Connected Data Spaces

Data-driven business models, the move towards automation and the pressures of regulatory compliance often necessitate the sharing of data across organisational boundaries. Data spaces are one of the keys to achieving simple, secure and self-determined data sharing. We work together with you to build a data space that suits your needs.



What exactly are data spaces?

Data spaces are based on a set of common standards covering technical, organisational and legal aspects – complemented by a set of shared values. These standards shape the data space and ensure compliance with legal requirements:


  • Data sharing: Providing and receiving data in a secure and regulated manner.
  • Governance: Mechanisms that are accepted by all participants and ensure smooth sharing of data.
  • Data sovereignty: Control over your own data fosters trust.
  • Openness: These principles promote diversity and active participation while avoiding dependencies.
  • Interoperability: Different data spaces can interact with each other based on open standards, enabling better connectivity.

Data space use cases

  • New business models
    Providing and analysing data in data spaces is essential for developing innovative services and forward-looking business models.
  • CO2
    Companies can work together to analyse their carbon footprint in supply chains and then take measures to reduce it.


  • Circular economy
    Digital twins improve collaboration between OEMs and suppliers, helping to optimise resource cycles in the supply chain.
  • Traceability
    Traceability in the value chain sustainably improves resilience and quality management, which is crucial to effective supply chain resilience.

The diversity of data spaces

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to data spaces. Industry-specific data spaces have evolved due to the diversity of use cases, standards and legal bases:



Connectivity the automotive industry –  including small suppliers and tier 1 right up to large OEMs – in order to benefit from use cases such as parts traceability or product carbon footprint.


Mobility Data Space

The Mobility Data Space creates an open data space which offers access to secure sharing and usage of real-time traffic data and sensitive mobility data, and links existing data platforms to provide comprehensive mobility data on a national level.



Data space technology is designed to enable standardised, automated data sharing particularly in Industry 4.0 and smart factories.



A patient-centric project enabling transparent access and control over personal health data. The objective is to develop innovative business models and applications in the healthcare sector in compliance with Gaia-X standards.


More than 20 additional data rooms

GaiaMed, EONA-X, OpenGPT-X, and much more.

Our services

  • Discovery workshop
    An interactive workshop where we introduce you to the fundamentals of data spaces and discuss application scenarios and specific questions related to your company.
  • Roadmap creation
    Together we develop a target vision covering everything from requirements analysis and solution sketching right up to roadmap creation, providing you with a solid basis for decision-making and planning.
  • Data space onboarding
    We guide you through the data space onboarding process, which forms the basis for subsequent system connectivity and participation in use cases.
  • Integration & development
    We support you with connectivity issues and use case realisation. We ensure compliance with the highest standards as a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

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