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Industry overview

What we do

Industry expertise for digital excellence

Thanks to our extensive domain knowledge and many years of experience, we develop innovative digital software products and customized services that address the specific challenges of your industry and promote both operational efficiency and sustainable growth.





Connected mobility and eMobility are redefining the way we get around. Secure, connected systems that can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures and offer scalability for the future of mobility are at the heart of our solutions.



Medical technology

Discover our digitalization solutions in medical technology that improve patient safety and data management and integrate seamlessly into healthcare systems. Supported by secure cloud technologies and advanced data analytics, as well as the provision of value-added services that extend the functionality of medical devices, we are shaping the future of medical technology.




Smart grids and virtual power plants are key elements of the future energy supply. Advances in predictive maintenance use data-based decision-making to optimize maintenance and remote operations, improve operating times and minimize outages. Transparent billing models are also becoming increasingly important as they provide greater clarity and trust among users.





Optimize your transport and warehousing processes through digitalization of the supply chain, European supply chain laws and software-based additional functionalities.



Public sector

Digitalization in the public sector is progressing with the implementation of the Online Access Act, supported by our solutions for the efficient management of digital identities and the development of secure digital services. These promote the transparency and user-friendliness of public services.

Other sectors

We offer customized IT solutions and software products not only for our core sectors, but also for a wide range of other industries. Our in-depth expertise enables us to develop innovative and efficient solutions for specific business challenges.

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