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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important technological developments of our time, with the potential to improve and optimise the way we work and live. Connected machines, devices and systems are the basis for digitalising existing business processes and developing new services. However, connecting physical objects to the internet is complex and not easy to implement. It requires experience, specialist knowledge and broad vision.

Our mission at doubleSlash: We connect things to create value - to unleash the potential of IoT for your business. With our innovative IoT solutions, we create digital value-added services for your machines, devices or plant, guaranteeing automated processes and increased efficiency, and opening up unlimited opportunities for new business models.

Let's build IoT together: Your solution with our IoT products

Device Connector

Secure connectivity and management of your devices is the first essential step towards digitalisation.

Device Connector

Intelligent Fault Detector

Professional analysis of device data is crucial for reliable operation, predictive maintenance and effective troubleshooting.

Intelligent Fault Detector

Update Manager

Updates enable you to rectify software errors, improve the quality of functions and integrate new features even after a device has been delivered.

Update Manager

Our solution offers

  • Appropriate, well-planned provisioning processes
  • Simple generation of new device instances (digital twin) using the integrated Twin Builder
  • Uncomplicated device management and clear device data display
  • Configuration of alarms and notifications

Our solution offers

  • The ability to monitor devices, systems and machines in real time
  • AI-based detection of failures and malfunctions before they occur
  • Intelligent, predictive planning of maintenance processes
  • Integration of external data sources, e.g. by using standardised APIs for ERP or MES systems

Our solution offers

  • Simple management and creation of custom software updates using digital twin technology
  • Automatic detection of dependencies between software components
  • Automated management and orchestration of rollouts
  • A monitoring solution for tracking your rollout campaigns

Our IoT solutions at a glance

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doubleSlash is your IoT partner: What you can expect from us beyond our products

  • We have multiple years of cross-industry project experience in the context of IoT and can adapt this to your individual challenges.

  • Our doubleSlash IoT Solution offers a solution covering everything from device connectivity to business idea.

  • We ensure seamless product integration and rapid availability of the solution for you.

  • Our IoT solutions are customisable and can be tailored to individual projects.

  • We deploy established technologies and industry standards (such as MQTT, REST) and work with strong IoT partners (Microsoft, PTC, AWS, secunet and bill-X).
  • We use established process models and tools to reduce the time-to-market of your IoT solution to a minimum.
  • We ensure smooth operation and regular updates.



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