Deutsche Telekom trusts in doubleSlash

Diagnostic systems – measurement and analysis without limits

Intelligent linking for optimal resolution rates

The telecommunications industry is characterised by a wide range of products as well as constantly increasing demands on the overall network infrastructure. At the same time, the demand for high-quality services is also on the rise.

Our platform integrates multiple measurement and diagnostic systems from various different manufacturers. Frequently occurring service requests are automated, and diagnostic knowledge is mapped in logical datasets. This means that service desk employees don’t have to spend too much time searching for troubleshooting solutions, but instead can provide competent, consistent and accurate information about faults that have occurred and how to rectify them. This increases resolution rates and ultimately enhances customer satisfaction.

Modular, high-performance system

doubleSlash designed and implemented the integrated platform which enables rule-based measurement across multiple diagnostic systems, providing optimum support for service staff.
The platform significantly expands the existing knowledge base by intelligently linking diagnostic events. In order to achieve this, the system required a high-performance, modular software architecture with load distribution, fail safety and connection of heterogeneous systems through decoupled adapters. The central architecture of the measurement platform optimises the usability of existing diagnostic systems, and is also designed to enable structured integration of new systems. Our main contribution to the project was our expertise in complex high-performance systems.


Our services:

  • Overall project conception
  • Project management (coordination of various service providers)
  • Implementation
  • Rollout
  • Futher development and support

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