Subscription Management for Public Charging

Subscription Management for Public Charging

Usage-based billing of charging events in the public charging sector

The customer selects a tariff that suits their individual needs and pays for all their charging events at charge point operators (CPOs) in the network with a usage-based monthly subscription model.

Flexible subscription management for the user

The public charging sector provides customers with a huge range of options. There are numerous charging station manufacturers and suppliers offering very different access and billing options.

In order that customers do not have to conclude individual contracts with each supplier, the major car manufacturers offer public charging services as an additional mobility service for electric cars. This service secures access to the charging infrastructure, and provides the customer with a collective invoice for all suppliers used during the billing period.

Billing of charging events with a monthly subscription that can be adjusted according to charging behaviour.

The customer selects a tariff that suits their individual needs and concludes a contract. A distinction is made between customers who use public charging infrastructure on a regular basis, and customers who only need it as an emergency option.

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Subscription management presents the provider with two challenges:

  • A variety of usage data must be received and processed by different charging station providers. This involves a multitude of interfaces and data in different formats that all need to be connected and processed.
  • Based on the tariff selected, the usage data is correctly converted into invoice line items. Country-specific and tax-specific issues are also taken into account.

doubleSlash was involved in the IT design of the E2E processes, the development of individual mediation components and the international rollout.

Our services – reliable subscription management throughout the customer journey

A flexible subscription management system was integrated, ensuring access to the charging infrastructure once the contract has been created. The subscription management system receives and standardises customers’ individual usage data over the entire term of the contract. Depending on the tariff, the usage data is processed into a collective invoice at the end of the month.
Particularly in the area of billing, a product was chosen that could provide the functionality out-of-the-box. This had to be integrated into the customer’s existing system landscape. doubleSlash advised the customer regarding the IT design of the entire order-to-cash process and supported the implementation.

In addition, customer-specific modules were developed by doubleSlash for interface integration and processing of usage data. This involved the implementation of a mediation adapter (upstream of the billing system). The adapter is responsible for validating and converting the usage data for the billing system.

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