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Standardised and efficient campaign planning

Comprehensive and detailed planning of campaigns

The CSS Group with its headquarters in Lucerne and around 2,700 employees insures more than 1.6 million people, making it one of Switzerland’s leading health, accident and property insurers. In order to automate campaign planning across all divisions for successful customer acquisition and retention, the doubleSlash MarketingPlanner was adapted to the needs of CSS and implemented in an agile procedure.

The web tool can be used to plan campaigns for different target groups. It enables strategic campaign planning with defined responsibilities, and maps the entire campaign process from planning and execution right through to performance measurement. Users include campaign managers, specialist departments and product managers.

Standardised templates are used for detailed planning of different campaign types. In addition, defined milestones enable performance measurement and deviation tracking. With the campaign planner, the entire strategic planning process in all its detail runs in one single web tool. This creates transparency and means that the data is available to all stakeholders anywhere in the world, in real time.

Efficient workflows thanks to standardisation and transparency

The use of templates for the standardised workflows was particularly important in terms of optimisation. With the campaign planner, users only have to maintain one central source. This significantly reduces the coordination effort.
Customers particularly value the flexibility in filtering campaigns and tasks. Each user can create their own individual view.

“The word used least often during the Campaign Planner project was “no”. All requirements and wishes on the part of the CSS Group were successfully implemented. We particularly appreciated doubleSlash’s flexibility in responding to our requirements and the smooth, agile project execution adhering to all milestones. The campaign planner is successfully in use and has significantly increased our efficiency. The relevant employees are more motivated and can focus on executing professional marketing campaigns.”

Martin Heimberg // IT Project Manager // CSS Group


Custom tool and successful change management

The campaign planner was fully adapted to the processes at CSS. Even established processes with Excel were successfully mapped in a user-friendly web tool. Digitalisation of the campaign processes and internal change management were implemented hand in hand with the specialist departments.

The agile approach made it possible to implement the necessary adjustments and enhancements to the MarketingPlanner in a timely manner. Thanks to the iterative approach, CSS had access to executable software within a week and were able to track and test the changes at two-week intervals.
The excellent teamwork at CSS between the specialist department, the project management team and the IT team was the key to success. The proof-of-concept created at the very start of the project laid the foundation for a highly effective collaboration model.

Our services:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Adjustment and enhancement of the MarketingPlanner software core
  • Change management support
  • Rollout & maintenance
  • Agile project management / agile software development


Technologies used:

  • MarketingPlanner modules
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery for fast cycles
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration
  • SaaS solution

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