The doubleSlash common good report

Our shared world: The doubleSlash common good report

We receive our first common good report

Given our role as a software company we are very much aware of the obligation we have towards society, particularly as digitalisation continues to permeate almost all societal sectors.

  • This is why we actively embrace sustainability. It is firmly anchored in our values: in the way we interact with each other, through the quality of our software, with long-term customer relationships and partnerships.
  • As part of an audit for the Common Good Report, we took a close look at our various corporate divisions with regard to sustainability. Our aim is to make a difference together and act in the interests of the common good.
  • The Common Good Balance Sheet is an audited CSR report completed by doubleSlash for the first time in 2020. On a scale of -3,600 to +1,000, we achieved a balance sheet total of 324. These results have helped us identify our personal status quo and become more transparent.  
  • We’re pleased to report that we’re extremely well positioned in some areas and passionate about working on areas where there is room for improvement.

Ultimately, at least this is our hope and aspiration, we are doing something positive for all of us: for the society we live in and for the planet which is the foundation of all life.


Logo Gemeinwohl Ökonomie
I found the high level of awareness of social responsibility at doubleSlash remarkable. After all, the IT sector is playing a significant role in the social change that is currently taking place. It seems particularly important to us that companies operating here act in a value-oriented and responsible manner.
I was also impressed by the corporate culture, which is characterized by appreciation and openness and also includes external employees. Fair working conditions are not a matter of course in such dynamic industries.
– Manfred Kofranek, Managing Director of Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie GmbH

Committed to the common good

Creating a Common Good Balance Sheet (CGB) for doubleSlash pursues several objectives. Firstly, to define for ourselves exactly what sustainable action for the common good entails and how well we have performed so far. Secondly, to utilise the insights gained to become even better. Publishing the audited CGB aims to provide transparency with regard to how sustainable we are in terms of human dignity, solidarity and justice, ecological sustainability, and transparency and democratic participation.

Our goal

It goes without saying that we recognise our responsibility to make a contribution towards greater sustainability and societal development beyond the boundaries of our company – this is one of the stated goals of our project. We are convinced that future-proof economic models must do more than maximise profits – they need to focus on human dignity, solidarity and justice, as well as being ecological, sustainable and transparent.

What I particularly like about the common good balance sheet is that it combines ecological and social sustainability and at the same time stands for transparency and participation. It takes courage to publish such a comprehensive and externally audited report and to hold up a mirror to ourselves as a company. This is exactly what will help us to find out together what still needs to be done to live up to our responsibility towards nature and society.
– Tobias Reith, IT Consultant, doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH

About the Economy for the Common Good

The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is an international movement involving numerous individuals, companies and communities, and is centred on a sustainable economic system concerned with people and the environment. Their vision: "Living well in a world where the economy is aligned with ethical values".

At the heart of the ECG lies the Common Good Balance Sheet, which uses a points system to analyse the extent to which corporate activities are based on the values of human dignity, solidarity and social justice, ecological sustainability, and transparency and democratic participation.



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