The doubleSlash Business Filemanager

Securely send files & connect devices

An automated, secure and regulated data transfer is an indispensable part of a corporate digitization strategy.

The flexible managed file transfer solution doubleSlash Business Filemanager (BFM) offers the right infrastructure for... data transfer and location-independent collaboration (BFM Collaborate).
...the connection of disconnected devices for data transfer (BFM Connect).

The Business Filemanager features in detail


The content collaboration platform BFM Collaborate enables collaboration on files and secure data exchange, regardless of the device and location. This way users always have the latest file version available and are able to manage their files better.


The lightweight IoT solution BFM Connect enables the networking of devices that are not yet connected. This allows data to be read from the devices, e.g. for diagnostic purposes, and data to be uploaded to the devices, e.g. updates. Connect the disconnected.

The doubleSlash Business Filemanager provides you with ...


  • Control
    A data lock allows you to control all data flows

  • Seamless integration
    The doubleSlash Business Filemanager seamlessly integrates into your IT infrastructure and interconnects systems - thanks to a smooth API/interface concept and the compliance with industry standards (CMIS)

  • Security
    Close security holes and forestall  "shadow IT"

  • Flexibility
    Thanks to its modern software architecture, the functionality of our Business Filemanager can be swiftly and easily modified and extended, which makes it the perfect tool to immediately react to new requirements

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The doubleSlash Business Filemanager - as individual as your requirements

An inflexible data transfer tool out of the box can't be sustainably integrated into the complex and sensitive IT infrastructure of a large company. Our customers are aware of that and especially appreciate the flexibility and scalability of our file transfer solution. A sophisticated sofware product, paired up with doubleSlash's competence in consulting and service, guarantess long-term customer satisfaction.



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... What we particularly appreciate about the solution is that it integrates very flexibly into our existing processes. Specific requirements are implemented with agility and high quality. In doubleSlash we have found an experienced partner for our demanding B2B business. – Jörg Büchner, Head of the IT ZF Group

Do you need a Business Filemanager for your data transfer?

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