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.NET development for individual IT applications

Individual .NET development

Legacy systems that no longer work

Time for a general overhaul of your applications: Software or IT systems need to be regularly modernised. This is just as crucial for your process efficiency as it is for the satisfaction of the users in your company. .NET Framework brings your applications up to date and increases sustainability. Our .NET developers can help you towards a modern IT solution.

Performance problems

Your application is failing. Dissatisfied users and inefficient processes are causing high service volumes in your IT department. As a .NET provider, doubleSlash can get your IT solution back into shape. Together with a high-performance system, we provide you with an application that delivers excellent usability and maximum efficiency.

No comprehensive data availability

High availability of important data is crucial in any company. Different departments depend on synchronous data availability as a basis for their work. This is another key task of your IT. Our .NET developers set up important interfaces to other departments and improve workflows in your company using powerful Office plugins, Sharepoint sites or portals (Liferay).

In-house solutions are unsuitable

Painstakingly designed by the specialist department and used over a long period of time: Excel in-house solutions or Outlook plugins are created and successfully used to reduce workloads. But at some point the "expert" leaves the company or the application reaches its limits. This is when the IT department is called in: The in-house solution needs to be meaningfully integrated into the existing IT landscape where it can be operated efficiently and securely in the long term. No problem with us as your .NET provider.

.NET development: Good reasons for choosing doubleSlash as your .NET provider

  • Our software architects are .NET specialists with years of experience in various industries and IT projects. 

  • We design "software made in Germany". 

  • We develop secure and reliable .NET applications and offer you C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET (Entity Framework), WPF, WCF, WF and TFS.

  • Our .NET consultants provide expert advice in areas such as requirements analysis, conception or technology consulting.

  • As a .NET provider, we work with both traditional and agile development methods. Daily Scrum meetings are our bread and butter, also when it comes to .NET application development.

  • Your .NET developer also acts as your personal contact for individual consulting, implementation and support.

  • Our .NET specialists offer full quality assurance through continuous integration (CI) and Visual Studio.

Security on .NET Framework

Multiple classes and services make it easier for .NET software developers to write code. System administrators and .NET specialists manage permissions and allow access to protected resources.

  • Role-based security
  • Fixed guidelines for .NET developers
  • Continuously evolving .NET Framework
  • Secure creation, configuration, backup and debugging

Emphasis on language-neutral programming

.NET Framework is essentially language-neutral. It supports multiple languages and allows a flexible range of applications, including the porting of managed code to unmanaged code.

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • C++/CLI

Platform-independent and fully flexible

.NET consultants consider platform independence an important part of a .NET framework. The Mono project allows platform-independent implementation of C#, for example.

  • Flexible implementation
  • Platform-independent deployment
  • Free .NET application development

C# as a simple and flexible basis for application development

C# was developed as an object-oriented, type-safe language as part of Microsoft’s .NET strategy. C# allows the development of secure and robust applications which, in conjunction with .NET Framework, provide a solid foundation for any software project. This enables programming of Windows client applications, database applications and REST-based web services. Development is modularised and simple: object-oriented at its core but with functional characteristics. This brings benefits such as improved maintainability and scalability.

Web services addressing, interacting with MS Office products, creating web applications, but also implementing desktop, mobile and Windows IoT applications – all this is very efficiently possible using C# as a programming language. It can be used flexibly in both frontend and backend.

A secure solution with .NET

  • Replace and modernise legacy systems with .NET

  • Integrate in-house developments from other departments into your IT landscape with .NET

  • Improve performance and user satisfaction with .NET

  • Ensure high data availability with .NET

Our satisfied .NET customers

Which individual .NET solution is right for you?

Tell us about the problem you hope to solve with .NET application development. Our .NET specialists will be happy to help – from non-binding information to an individual offer.