Corporate social responsibility: acting together in a reflective and responsible manner

Gemeinsam reflektieren,
nachhaltig handeln

For all of us at doubleSlash, taking responsibility and acting in accordance with our values is a matter of course.

We often ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Where can we as a software company make a positive impact?
  • How can we inspire others to implement modern concepts?
  • How can we foster open communication?
  • How can we improve our carbon footprint?

What does CSR actually mean?

"Corporate social responsibility, or CSR for short, is about a company's responsibility for society in the sense of sustainable business practices."

Source: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

... In short, it refers to a company's responsibility for its impact on society. This includes social, environmental and economic aspects. In practice, this means a fair and employee-orientated personnel policy, the responsible use of natural resources, climate and environmental protection and sustainable supply chains.

Contact picture Andreas Strobel
We don't just talk about CSR at doubleSlash, we believe in taking action – and hope to inspire other companies to do the same. Our contribution makes me hopeful of a future that is even more strongly shaped by genuine sustainability. Everyone can play a part. And it’s good fun and meaningful at the same time! – Andreas Strobel, Managing Director of doubleSlash
Contact picture Konrad Kraft
We enhance products and processes with reliable and modern software solutions, creating sustainable added value for the economy and society. What makes us different is the high quality of our work, which is only possible because we act according to our values. – Konrad Krafft, Founder and Managing Director of doubleSlash
Contact picture Leonie Hlawatsch
We’ve always valued long-term employee retention – it's an integral part of our corporate culture. Whether junior or permanent employee, each and every colleague is an important part of the team and we support them through the different stages of their lives. – Leonie Hlawatsch, HR Manager at doubleSlash

We’d love to exchange ideas with you about corporate social responsibility. Get in touch!