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Cloud Computing

We’ll take you safely into the cloud ...

... and help you achieve greater flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency: whether for existing software products or for innovations.
With our expertise in cloud technologies, we accompany you into the cloud in a targeted manner. We have a holistic understanding of complex system landscapes: we create and implement suitable migration plans for you. We are a provider-independent IT service provider - when we advise you, we focus on your requirements. Thanks to our references and current projects with the various cloud providers, our experts' know-how is always up to date. We know the portfolios of the individual providers like our own toolbox.

Good Reasons

Moving to the Cloud

  • Improve operational processes by migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud
    The cloud enables flexible scaling, improves the availability of resources and simplifies administration.
  • Store data securely and comply with data protection guidelines
    Cloud providers implement robust security measures and adhere to strict data protection guidelines to ensure the security of sensitive data.
  • Optimizing the cost structure through the use of cloud services
    Cloud services enable flexible payment models where companies only pay for the resources they actually use. This can reduce costs.

Cloud computing providers

We’re vendor-independent. An intensive exchange with leading technology partners enables us to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and offers.

The reliable IoT partnership. Our customers manage applications globally and on demand with Azure.

As an AWS partner, we support our customers' customized solutions in the AWS cloud.

AWS Partner

Maximize your business potential with our Google Cloud expertise: innovation, security, scalability.

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