"We create digital value"

We accompany companies during the digital evolution. We develop future-proof software solutions that create long-term added value.

Our work is based on shared values. They are the foundation of our brand and what makes doubleSlash unique.




Our values


together – teamwork und loyalty

Working at doubleSlash means: one for all and all for one. We share a common mission and feel like a team. We work hand in hand and on equal terms. We evolve together and only together are we able to achieve the best quality.

// Together at work

// Together at sharing knowledge

// Together in leisure time

open – communicative, unbiased and open-minded

We at doubleSlash meet everyone with an open attitude. We approach other opinions and perspectives open-minded. Conflicts are addressed openly and respectfully.

We like to share our experiences and knowledge, because we are convinced that education education is the most sustainable kind of value creation. That's why we have started our blog shortly after establishing our company in 1999. Here we report on our software projects, the daily routine of software development and shed a light on topics that offer a special added value – which also means that we keep our processes transparent.





sustainable –  responsible, innovative and stable

Our thinking is geared towards long-term benefit. We establish stable relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers – not the least with a focus on digital partnerships. We rely on sustainable technologies in our projects and handle resources responsibly.

// We develop software that creates value

// Our management acts sustainably, always keeping the community in mind

// Junior employees are of major importance for us and a fixed part of the team. Former trainees have started successful careers at doubleSlash.

enthusiastic –  passionate, motivated and dynamic

We have fun at our work. We enjoy being successful together and try out new things. We like it when customers and colleagues appreciate our work.

We take you with us live via our social media channels and provide insights into our daily life and work.


"We improve products and processes with reliable and modern software solutions. We thus provide substainable added value for economy and society. Our distinguishing feature at it is the high quality of our work which is only possible through values that guide our actions."

Konrad Krafft // founder of doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH

Our brand promise

The best quality for digital business

Top quality can only arise from a lived spirit:

  • We are a team and develop reliable and modern software solutions together with our customers.
  • Open communication is the key to success. We run our software projects completely transparent and connect all interested parties.
  • Our focus is on the long-term benefit of our work. We strive for value creation – even beyond project completion.
  • We work with enthusiasm on sustainable quality. For a simple reason: You do better what you enjoy doing.



What does quality mean for us?

Paramount concerns are reliability, durability and robustness of our software solutions. That's why we focus on high quality in consulting, design, project management and internal processes.

Good communication is for us one important aspect of quality, for example through comprehensible documentation and transparent decisions.

We take care to sustainably saveguard our high standards of quality through further education and internal development projects.

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Corporate Communication

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