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Digital Identity Quality. Security. Trust.

Digital identity management for your business application

An established system of identity management for your software products helps to add value, increase security and build sustainable customer relationships. Completeness, timeliness, accuracy and uniqueness are essential characteristics of data quality.

We create a stable basis for smooth business processes and first-class digital services for digital identities in your business applications.

Our solution:

  • A smooth and efficient onboarding process that puts the customer experience at the centre, fostering customer loyalty and enhancing your image

  • Real and verifiable identities for your digital services 

  • Efficient and UX-centred onboarding process

  • Plausible, verifiable and authentic identity information that ideally supports your business processes (such as marketing campaigns and billing)

  • Reduction of costs associated with the onboarding of undesirable customers: Fake accounts, sanctions lists, blacklists such as PEP lists (politically exposed persons), for example.


Rely on us to secure your digital identities and help you build sustainable customer relationships.

Quality of identity data: The decisive factor

High-quality identity data is essential for digital products. This data is the central pillar of your digital product and has a direct influence on usability, adherence to data protection, security and compliance guidelines as well as the user experience.

At doubleSlash, we ensure that the quality of your identity data is taken into account from the very beginning. Identity and access management plays a crucial role in the user's interaction with the digital system and the user experience. Onboarding is one of the first interactions between the user and your digital service, for example.



doubleSlash as your partner for digital identities: What we bring to the table

  • Expertise in identity data management

  • Expertise in IAM systems, cloud technologies, quality assurance for identity data

  • Identity and access management with a focus on identity quality management

  • ISO 27001 certification

Our services around your digital identity product

We understand the challenges of IT projects and can assist you in overcoming these challenges. Through our expertise and understanding of quality, we ensure that your digital identities meet the highest standards and optimally support your business processes.


Requirements analysis

The first step towards a high-quality solution which is tailored to your requirements:

  • Data requirements
  • Existing systems/applications
  • Compliance requirements
  • Functional and non-functional requirements



This is where we lay the foundations for a secure and user-friendly identity management system:

  • Capturing of security requirements
  • Definition of the technical onboarding process
  • Technical implementation and access to necessary systems/data
  • Provider comparison and evaluation
  • Quantity model and ongoing cost calculation
  • Support with contract management
  • SLA management

Digital identities in automotive: Simple and secure access solutions with the digital vehicle key

Discover the benefits of digital vehicle keys: Users can use their smartphone or smartwatch for easy and secure access to their vehicle, to manage configuration parameters or even share their key with a third party. The digital identity of the user is closely linked to the digital key to protect access to the vehicle. Digital keys are an example of using digital identities to improve security and user-friendliness.

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