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Creating positive charging experiences

The positive end-to-end charging experience for your customers

Electromobility is driving a cultural shift across the entire mobility industry. The development of electric cars is being propelled by the EU’s climate targets – no new combustion engines are to be approved from 2035 onwards, for example, and regulations in the aviation industry are also set to be tightened significantly. Infrastructure, investment costs and end-to-end customer experiences will play a central role in the context of electric cars. Success factors include a positive charging experience from start to finish and broad availability of charging options, especially where fleet vehicles are concerned.


Together & open to your challenge

As an eMobility Service Provider (EMSP) or Charge Point Operator (CPO), it is crucial that you can offer your private and fleet customers a consistently positive charging experience:


An optimal customer experience – from fleet to home

To provide fleet or private customers with a positive end-to-end charging experience – at home, at work or in public – what you need is the right IT solution: From finding the charging station (FIND) through actual charging (CHARGE) right up to consumption-based billing (PAY).

Typical e-mobility use cases at a glance


How we work with you to create a positive end-to-end charging experience

With our IT and automotive expertise, we support you in designing a custom-fit solution for your customers and alleviating their ‘range anxiety’. This includes end-to-end implementation of your charging services and solutions. doubleSlash knows and understands the electromobility ecosystem.

Our services

  • Product management support (market analyses, business model consulting)
  • Process and IT design (customer journey, requirements management, end-to-end processes)
  • Agile software development with assurance
  • Connection of CPOs and EMSPs
  • Operation of the e-mobility solution
  • Scaling and international rollouts
  • Current standards and protocols (such as OCPI, OCHP, OICP and eMIP)


Results and artifacts

  • You get coordinated, workable e-mobility processes.
  • You are provided with individual software components (POI system, billing component) or a complete end-to-end e-mobility charging solution (charge point management system, e-mobility service backend, white-label solution).


What we bring to the table

  • The established doubleSlash reference model for e-mobility.
  • Good practices from over 10 years’ experience in e-mobility projects.
  • Experience in the international integration of more than 100 CPOs.
  • A large and reliable partner network in the e-mobility ecosystem.


Would you like us to help shape the future of your e-mobility ecosystem?