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CPO Integration System

E-mobility without borders:
How a standardised CPO connection improves interaction between EMSPs and CPOs

The world of e-mobility is growing rapidly and with it the number of different charging infrastructures, charging service providers and charge point operators (CPOs). In order to make these as efficient as possible, a standardised connection of CPOs is vital.

A standardised CPO connection not only provides charging infrastructure operators and users with a consistently positive charging experience, but also offers significant advantages for EMSPs (E-Mobility Service Providers) and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). They benefit from greater interoperability, seamless integration into existing systems and processes, as well as increased efficiency with regard to the handling of charging processes. Standardisation facilitates collaboration and creates a more stable basis for innovation, scalability and cost savings across the entire e-mobility industry.

Challenges relating to the connection of charge point operators

For e-mobility service providers (EMSPs), challenges can arise when it comes to connecting a large number of charge point operators (CPOs):


Technical complexity

Connecting a large number of CPOs requires an EMSP to be proficient in various technical interfaces and protocols in order to ensure seamless integration between the different charging infrastructures.


The CPOs work with different standards, versions or even interpretations and technologies, which can make interoperability between various charging stations more difficult.

Data integration and analysis

An EMSP needs to collect, process and analyse data from different CPOs in order to offer an optimal product. To create a usable database, the data from the different CPOs needs to be homogenised and aggregated in a standardised form.

The Charge Point Operator Integration System - the bridge to universal charging

The CPO Integration System (CPOIS) was developed primarily to transform data delivered by the various CPOs into a standardised format, while at the same time covering the security aspect and ensuring scalability, flexibility and individuality. doubleSlash has successfully managed to generalise the CPOIS so that not only is data integration facilitated, but security is also guaranteed. The CPOIS is compatible with a number of different authentication methods such as Basic Authentication, certificates and OAuth2 in order to fulfil individual requirements.

At the same time, a simple plug-in principle makes it easy to react to different interpretations of the protocols so that, from an EMSP perspective, a standardised connection is also possible for CPOs using workarounds. Another significant advantage is that the configuration of CPO connections can even be managed without IT support thanks to the simple operability.

Over 1000 CPOs have been successfully connected to date using the CPOIS, underpinning the scalability of the system. A connection to the CPOIS can be set up within a day in just a few clicks. 

Overall, the CPOIS not only guarantees a powerful and efficient bridge to all external CPOs, but also enables scalable, flexible and individual integration of new partners in the shortest possible time/within a very short space of time.



CPO Integration System

What doubleSlash offers you

What you get from us

  • Blueprint for a scalable backend system
  • Individual integration of the CPOIS into your ecosystem
  • Ready-made concept from IT kickoff to rollout
  • Easy configuration without IT
  • Accompanying artefacts such as (CPO onboarding protocol, end-2-end protocol, and so on)
  • Fast time to market
  • 25 years of mobility experience

Used technologies

  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Java Spring Boot
  • AZ Service Bus
  • Message Streaming
  • OpenID Connect

E-mobility protocols

  • OpenID Connect   
  • OCPI (Open Charging Point Interface)  
  • OCHP (Open Clearing House Protocol)
  • OICP (Open Intercharge Protocol)
  • eMIP (eMobility inter-operation Protocol)
  • OCPP (Open Charging Point Protocol)

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