IoT with PTC ThingWorx

The partnership of PTC ThingWorx and doubleSlash is a meeting of a complex technology range on the one hand and expertise in design, integration and implementation on the other - for your perfect IoT solution.

Double competence through a sustainable IoT partnership with ThingWorx

The greatest success factor of the digital transformation is the automation of company workflows. It requires companies, from small entrepreneurs up to corporations, to continuously optimise their core competencies. Seminal IoT platforms such as ThingWorx by PTC provide companies with the options and the flexibility to meet individual requirements and use cases and develop new, workable business models. The partnership of doubleSlash as a system integrator and consulter with PTC as a platform provider offers customers the bundled expertise to implement scalable and successful IoT projects.

According to McKinsey the volume of IoT projects will grow to more than 11 billion $ within the next years. A good reason to rely on one of the leading IoT platforms such as ThingWorx, as FORRESTER calls it in the latest Wave Report. The ThingWorx Application Enablement Platform (AEP) empowers companies through the easy allocation of modular IoT applications (rapid prototyping approach) to swiftly develop user-friendly minimal viable products.

Advantages of using a powerful IoT platform such as ThingWorx

  • Mean time to repair
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Satisfied customers
  • New business models
  • A role as innovator and pioneer


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Features of the ThingWorx IoT Platform

The industry-leading platform for industrial innovation convinces with achieving fast results and a noticeable increase in efficiency thanks to the standardised core functionalities of the ThingWorx Foundation that can be individually extended as required. The purpose of its centerpiece is to develop a digital twin of facilities, machines and devices. A networked device registered in the system can, among others, be configured, managed and controlled remotely. This way remote updates can be installed and maintenances can be performed. 


Basic features of the ThingWorx IoT platform at a glance:


  • To develop "standard" use cases the ThingWorx Apps provide solutions within the scope of basic applications: Asset Monitoring, Remote Tunneling, File Transfer, Software Content Management. Further features such as PDF export can be added to the platform with extensions available on the marketplace.
  • Adapting the available modules of ThingWorx to customer-specific requirements: corporate identity, use cases and connecting third-party systems.
  • Connecting the IoT platform of the product Kepware can be used, aside from numerous extensions, for machine control. This provides a standardised way to establish a connection between the machines and the IoT platform.
  • Dedicated interfaces and a wide selection of extensions available on the ThingWorx marketplace allow to easily connect third-party interfaces to the platform.
  • Analytics is a core element of PTC and serves as a machine learning component. It is also possible to analyse machine data and, by means of suitable machine learning algorithms, to predict potential failures or defect productions, among others.
  • Studio is perfectly suited for Augmented Reality - the virtual display of objects and things. This way it's possible, for example, to combine 3d objects created in PTC Creo with real data from ThingWorx and project them in near real-time onto a tablet PC or 3d glasses.

"We have chosen doubleSlash as our integration partner as the company had been experienced both with Axeda and ThingWorx. doubleSlash provided structured guidance for the project and thus enabled us to connect 450 systems within just one year. It was pretty impressive."

Dr. Christian Schwindling //  Head of Remote Services & IT Support //  Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

How can we support your IoT project with PTC ThingWorx?

Aside from our professional software consulting and development we support you with our long-term expertise in the PTC product ThingWorx. As system integrator we contribute our know-how along the whole IoT value-added chain - whether it is in consulting, hardware, connectivity, solution design and IoT system integration - to IoT products with ThingWorx as well. A major success factor for IoT projects is a professional project management. It is the only way to handle coordination between speciality departments that tend to be very different. Many companies have only a very limited budget at their disposal when they start with IoT projects. A possible approach is a proof of concept (PoC) to check the fundamental feasibility in form of a prototype. In a subsequent project it is usually followed by the development of a minimal viable product (MVP), a product of minimal functionality that is the result of an iterative approach during project implementation. We take care of the integration of the IoT solution as well as new value-added services into your existing IT infrastructure or, if requested, into a cloud environment that you provide.


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Insights into virtual reality with ThingWorx

doubleSlash IoT Lab Showcase mit ThingWorx Vuforia

The technologies of PTC enable you to interconnect product data from the PLM context with real products via IoT technologies.


Darstellung von Echtzeitdaten mit PTC ThingWorx

Connecting ThingWorx Foundation as networking platform with software for product data management - for example PTC Windchill - makes it possible, among others, to display real-time data.



Bereitstellung von Echtzeitdaten und Produktdaten über PTC Vuforia in einer Mixed Reality Anwendung

The real-time data and the product data can be made available for the user - for example a service technician - via augmented reality technologies such as PTC Vuforia in a mixed reality application. This provides him with more appropriate information for a target-oriented approach of his tasks.


Bereitstellen einer Virtual Reality Lösung des digitalen Zwillings (Digital Twin) mit PTC Vuforia

The product data and the real-time data also make it possible to provide other users who are not on site with a virtual reality solution of a "digital twin".


PTC ThingWorx Showcase Argumented Reality mit Vuforia


"In 2015, PTC and doubleSlash formed a strategic alliance meant to offer high-quality IoT integration and development services to Central Europe, and Germany in particular. Due to their experience in handling difficult projects requiring intensive customizations and advanced security, doubleslash became our most trusted and capable partner.

Among successful doubleSlash projects, we would like to remind these high-value projects. doubleSlash demonstrated capability and dedication. At the same time, their in-house expertise has advanced to a new level. Currently, their technical team possesses IoT expertise to a level where they can teach other companies how to implement similar projects." 

Alma Ionescu // PTC Partner Manager for Central and Eastern Europe // PTC

You want to network your products, optimise processes or develop new IoT based business models?

We would love to support you along the whole IoT process chain, offering you maximum flexibility in collaboration with our IoT partners. Please contact us!

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