Enabling and managing complex software updates

Keep your devices, machines and vehicles up to date

Software is becoming a central component in devices, machines and vehicles across all industries. Many functionalities now require a combination of hardware and software. Software updates provided after delivery of the hardware components are becoming increasingly important in this context, since they offer the opportunity to rectify software development errors, improve the quality of existing functions and integrate new features.

The doubleSlash Update Manager is a user-friendly software solution that enables simple, efficient organisation of software updates, even for complex device groups.

Your challenges with IoT updates and our solution

How the Update Manager works

The doubleSlash Update Manager simplifies the process of updating your various devices, which work with different software and versions, centrally from one place and keeping track of everything clearly.

Artifacts for updating device components are uploaded.

  • Bundle artifacts to release
  • Manage device groups
  • Plan & start campaign for device group
  • Generate & transfer release package
  • Monitor campaign

Deliver release package to devices.

  • Extract artifacts from release package
  • Route artifacts to target device components
  • Update device components

The function explained in simple terms

You can think of the Update Manager as a parcel center that handles the logistics for shipping. The ordered products are bundled there and sent on the right route to the respective recipients. The Update Manager performs this task for your device updates.

Products are ordered by customers.

  • Products are packed into parcels 
  • Customers are assigned to a group 
  • Delivery is planned 
  • Vehicle is loaded with parcels 
  • Delivery is tracked

Parcels are delivered to customers.

Customers receive parcels and thus their new products.

The Update Manager in your IoT ecosystem

How the doubleSlash Update Manager is used

Improving connected medical equipment with software

Provision of software-based functions for connected vehicles

Individual updates for networked machinery and plant parks

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