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Quickly presentable IoT solutions with our Device Connector: The combination of our functional Device Connector product components with established IoT platforms is the ideal basis for your IoT solution.

In an efficiency-driven world, you need solutions that are easy to integrate and quickly produce presentable results. Our Device Connector is based on established technologies, but comes with a component kit whose modules can be used and integrated regardless of the platform. This means that customer-specific solutions can be implemented more quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

  • Devices, machines and systems generate valuable data during their life cycle, providing you as a manufacturer with important insights and competitive advantages.
  • Secure and scalable device networking as well as infrastructure to centrally retrieve the data are the basis for this.
  • From our decades of experience in the field of IoT, we know that the path to smart devices and the resulting IoT business models can be quite complex and time-consuming.
  • IoT platforms are a crucial foundation for this. They are ineffective without technical expertise, a clear vision and a lack of best practices.



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The Device Connector is your gateway to a flexible, quickly available and scalable IoT solution. This allows you to hit the ground running in the digital transformation and make your devices, machines and systems smart for the future. – Jonas Kaltenbach, Product Owner Device Connector
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Device Connector is solving your challenges

  • Have you decided to implement your IoT solution with Microsoft Azure, PTC ThingWorx or Amazon Webservices, but have no/too few resources for a comprehensive implementation?

  • Do you want to network your devices as quickly and easily as possible in order to establish presentable IoT solutions?

  • Do you possibly want to integrate an additional security gateway to process data locally, set up additional security barriers or support offline operation?

  • Would you like to access established provisioning processes to properly and securely harmonize your devices with the cloud?
  • Do you want to define your devices at a technical level so that you can create a digital twin easily and simply?
  • Do you want to manage your devices via a clear and structured web UI and also analyze data?
  • Do you want to define alarms and notifications and anchor them in your service organization?
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