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Maintain and develop machines autonomously with Connected Things

The shortage of skilled workers continues to be a major challenge for companies. By 2030, there will be a shortage of 2 million skilled workers in Germany alone (source: Statista). This has a direct impact on the quality of service processes. For qualified service personnel ensure that machines run smoothly and that maintenance tasks and repairs are performed reliably and in a timely manner. And this is where the opportunity lies: forecasts suggest that there will be more than 25 billion connected devices and machines in use by 2030 (source: Statista). Connected machines are the basis for digitising existing business processes and developing new services. Digital services support companies with their service processes and also offer new sources of revenue. We are creating a world in which machines can maintain and develop themselves and thus increase lifetime value by developing user-friendly digital services.

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You connect your machines to make your operations reliable and future-proof.

  • This means you always have an overview of the operating status of your machines in the field (production times, for example).
  • You ensure that your service organisation is aware of the real-world market conditions and can tailor service processes exactly.
  • You integrate machine data into existing third-party systems (such as CRM).
  • This ensures optimal information sharing across departmental and company boundaries.
  • You make sure that all business processes conform to compliance requirements and accelerate internal decision-making.


You ensure that the appropriate firmware is installed on the machines over-the-air.

  • You always have the latest functions for your machines creating the greatest value for your customers.
  • You are able to detect malfunctions at an early stage.
  • This means you always know when maintenance checks are due and can them in good time.
  • You can analyse the machine data based on usage in order to derive new insights.
  • This means you know exactly how the machines are being used and can take steps to optimize performance.
  • You know at an early stage which opportunities and challenges exist for specific machine types or in specific markets.


Now you can monetise your digital services.

  • If you can deliver and bill all of these services in a modular manner and tailored customer needs, you have an end-to-end digital services process
  • This increases the value for your customers and also allows you to monetise your digital services.

Together and open to your challenge

Regardless of whether you manufacture, sell or service forklifts, microscopes or wind turbines: you want to know how your machines are performing in the field.

As a machine manufacturer, it is important that you connect your machines (CONNECT). This is the basis for operating and maintaining the machines efficiently (MAINTAIN). Ultimately, you want to ensure that your customers have access to consumption-based billing (PAY).

doubleSlash as your Connected Things partner: What we bring to the table

  • Established and industry-proven reference models for the (Industrial) Internet of Things.
  • Good practices for the implementation of asset management, access management, over-the-air software updates and predictive maintenance.
  • Functioning collaboration models in an agile environment (including all relevant roles).
  • Deployment and use of common industry standards (such as OPC UA, MQTT, and REST).
  • Several years of experience from a variety of IoT projects from different industries.
  • Direct access to our technology partners (Microsoft, PTC, secunet) to solve operational challenges in a timely manner.
  • ISO 27001 certification: we handle sensitive data responsibly and with due professionalism.





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Jochen Herdrich
Connected Things Consultant

+49 7541 70078-767