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Subscription management for connected car services

Subscription management for digital ConnectedCar services

When it comes to providing innovative ConnectedCar services, a scalable subscription management model is the perfect solution for taking care of contract administration, invoicing and the transfer of data to accounting.

Applications of subscription management in the ConnectedCar environment

For an enhanced user experience, car manufacturers nowadays offer a wide range of innovative services for connected vehicles. The services can be purchased in-vehicle and are available instantly via over-the-air updates.

Subscription management is responsible for several tasks: checking compatibility, creating contracts, and transferring data to the accounting department for accurate revenue posting.

Depending on the vehicle and software status, not all services can be offered to the customer. And the used car market has to consider services that have already been activated. Offer management as part of an established subscription management model checks the authorisations gives the customer access to these services in the store. Subscription management ensures that any additional services activated after purchase are also billed correctly. Services with longer, flexible terms pose particular challenges for companies in terms of accrual accounting. With international companies and depending on the sales model, there are usually intercompany invoicing processes and market-specific tax and legal issues to be taken into account.

Our subscription management experts at doubleSlash have been active in various BizDevOps projects for over 10 years. 

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Test and activate contract updates quickly and easily

Individual customer offers are created from the usage data. New services are activated on a trial basis before they automatically become part of the subscription contract.

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Book and access ConnectedCar services individually

Today’s customers are used to having individual access to digital services. The same applies when it comes to deactivating or transferring services to different devices. A flexible subscription management model separates contract management from service fulfilment and controls this at individual customer account level.

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Keep an eye on contracts and terms

Subscription management allows customers to view contract and tariff data at any time. Costs and invoices are provided for the duration of the contract and offer transparency, especially regarding usage-based pricing models.

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Create individual discount campaigns for the customer and their device

Subscription management data, such as the use of services in certain vehicles, can be used to create individual discount campaigns – for specific vehicles and customer groups, or linked to specific events.

doubleSlash expertise

Implementation and management of all customer contracts for ConnectedCar services through the entire life cycle of over two million new connected vehicles each year.

  • Development of a stable and scalable microservice infrastructure
  • Successful planning and execution of the migration of 20 microservices to AWS
  • Design, agile development, security and 24/7 operation in the DevOps model

Correct implementation of billing, invoicing and payment management.

  • Design of IT processes for accurate invoice processing and compliance with accounting standards
  • Integration and comprehensive extension of a third-party subscription management standard solution
  • Secure connection of international payment service providers

Implementation and commissioning of over 50 international launches in the EMEA, US/CA and China hubs.

  • Requirements management and coordination in the realisation of market-specific requirements
  • Planning and implementation of training courses and workshops

Our services:

Selection of the technologies used:

  • BPMN 2.0 + Gliffy for creating concept sketches
  • Atlassian Tools (Jira, Confluence, Portfolio)
  • Swagger UI
  • Java EE
  • AWS 
  • OpenShift
  • Docker
  • Jenkins/Maven
  • LocalStack
  • Cucumber
  • SQL (Oracle + Postgre)  
  • MRP Templates

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