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Scrum workshops - agile learning in the kitchen

Experience Scrum in a playful way

Our workshops

Scrum Cooking and Agile Mixperience offer a playful introduction to the core processes, roles and meetings of the Scrum framework in customizable formats.

  • No matter which option you choose, you can look forward to an exciting workshop with our experts.



Who is it suitable for?

  • New project members
    Enables playful integration into ongoing Scrum projects.
  • Scrum enthusiasts
    Ideal for people with no previous experience of the Scrum framework.
  • Experienced project members
    For those who want to re-evaluate their existing Scrum practice.
  • Companies
    For organizations evaluating the suitability of Scrum for agile software development.

Understanding in the
project team

  • Practical and effective
    Experience a workshop on the Scrum method that promotes teamwork, initiative and creativity and focuses on practical learning.
  • Experienced trainers
    Our trainers support both Scrum newcomers and experienced project team members, deepen their understanding of Scrum and open up new perspectives on agile projects.

Positive side effects of workshops



  • Get to know Scrum
    Explore the advantages and disadvantages of Scrum and discover how you can use the method effectively in your working environment.
  • Strengthen team building
    Our Scrum workshops, such as Scrum Cooking and Agile Mixperience, not only promote an understanding of Scrum, but also act as team-building events whose positive effects extend beyond the duration of the workshop.
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We have realized how important it is that the Scrum Master controls the process and prevents chaos. – Katharina Gsteu, ZF Friedrichshafen
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