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In the enterprise software environment, companies are faced with the challenge of presenting complex data and functions in a simplified form. A well-thought-out web frontend can solve this challenge. As experts in frontend development, we create a modern, intuitive frontend design which is adapted to your individual requirements. We use modern, future-proof technologies (frameworks and/or libraries) and develop an appropriate user interface design. At the end of the frontend programming process, you’ll have a creative and attractive user interface which is instantly recognisable – from desktop applications to mobile or progressive web apps.


Frequently asked questions with regard to replacing outdated frontends or connecting a web frontend to an existing backend – from technical project leads and online marketing managers:

  • Which frameworks and/or libraries should be used or preferably avoided?

  • Which are the most important non-functional requirements?

  • How can I improve the performance of a web application?

  • Which is the best user interface design for my application?

  • How do I transition from time-consuming data maintenance with Excel or Access to a modern web-based solution?

  • How can I implement my planned web frontend project in a professional manner?

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Frontend development for responsive web applications and progressive web apps

A web application not only needs to be user-friendlybut also accessible. Responsive web design and progressive web design or progressive enhancement play an important role here. The idea is to make websites accessible and usable even on devices with limited functionality (HTML/CSS/JavaScript support). Which web browser or internet connection is being used should be irrelevant. This means that users with newer browsers and more bandwidth will have access to better versions of a website or a web app.


  • High user acceptance level
    Thanks to the combination of modern frontend development and good usability, you achieve high user acceptance and maximum productivity for your enterprise software. This guarantees positive user feedback for your web app.

  • Platform independence and responsive and progressive web design
    Modern web frontends are platform-independent and use responsive and also progressive web design for all device types and screen resolutions – from smartphones and tablets to classic desktop PCs. This is the only way to achieve a high level of user acceptance and maximum software productivity through widespread availability.

  • Cost-effective maintenance, stability and enhancement
    Particular attention must be paid to the maintainability and enhancement of the source code in frontend development. This can be achieved by choosing the right technology stack based on your requirements for the web frontend and how you want to develop these requirements. This ensures that the frontend for your web application is implemented in a way that enables cost-effective maintenance and enhancement. What’s more, professional frontend developers pay special attention to the stability and reliability of the software.

From the field: Modern frontends for intuitive operation and attractive design


  • Improved automotive user interface

    The IT manager of an automotive supplier is looking for a human-machine interface that allows drivers to communicate with their vehicles. Complex technical data flows need to be simplified and displayed in real time. This requires an IT specialist to provide support with technical design and implementation.

  • Visualisation of microscopy data in a modern web frontend

    A medical technology company has read out and collected data from their microscopes. The technical project manager now wants to visualise the data with a modern web frontend that can be used across multiple devices.

  • Product configurator and web app for home appliance manufacturer

    The online marketing manager of a large home appliance manufacturer wants to showcase the individuality of the company’s products using a modern web configurator. With configure, price, quote (CPQ) technology, the customer should be able to configure the product quickly and easily and purchase it directly. The wide variety of products poses the challenge of disentangling the dependencies between the configurable components and presenting the options in a meaningful way. An experienced web frontend developer is needed to come up with an attractive design for the configurator (potentially in 3D) and implement it according to the latest technical standards. An app offering the customer the same configuration experience on all end devices is also planned.


doubleSlash is your partner for modern frontends, web apps and progressive web design

Future-proof frameworks, such as Angular combined with TypeScript, are optimal tools for developing complex enterprise web applications. Choosing the right technology stack enables easy maintenance and cost-effective enhancement of the web frontend. Using responsive web design and a creative user interface (UI), we ensure an optimal user experience (UX) for your users.

Our developers use an agile approach or the classical waterfall model. We use modern open source and cloud technologies to achieve maximum cost efficiency. doubleSlash is an expert with many years of diverse project experience in developing modern frontends and web apps using established frameworks such as Angular.


  • Development of mobile apps (web, hybrid, cross-platform native apps and native apps)
  • Innovative concepts and intuitive designs
  • Development of responsive and progressive web designs for all devices and browsers
  • Modernisation of frontends in existing software systems
  • Conception and implementation of future-proof web frontends in the enterprise environment
  • Connection of web frontends to existing backends or new developments

What’s the difference between a website and a web app?

What the normal user is generally unaware of is like another world for the frontend developer. A web page is a collection of information with few options for interaction. In principle, it only serves to present information, e.g.

A web app, on the other hand, knows virtually no limits in terms of functionality. From complex representations of graphs and diagrams, interactive aggregation of data and data visualisation right through to versatile, interactive functions, e.g.

A web app is required if the user needs to interact with information to fulfil a specific goal or task. The web app supports the user in working with data.

Some of our customer references for web apps

DHL Finder

Regardless of whether it’s a Packstation, postal outlet, DHL Paketshop or Paketbox: The DHL Finder helps customers to receive and send parcels. Enhanced with a wealth of information such as opening and service times, the DHL Finder is the fastest way to the nearest DHL location – anywhere in Europe.


"Thanks to doubleSlash's HMI systems, we can present our customers with our technology hidden in the vehicle in an easily digestible way. The visualisation based on live data is immediately understood intuitively and enables us to also convince decision-makers without technical background of our products."
- Volker Vogel // Project Manager Networked Functions Complete Vehicle // ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Secure Password Share

Secure Password Share is our web tool for sending passwords in a simple and secure way. The secure password exchange leaves no traces in emails and chat histories and thus significantly increases the security of your company. Have we aroused your interest?

Secure Password Share for your company

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How can we support you with enterprise front end development?

Together we develop the web frontend that best fits your requirements. From choosing the right technology stack through to frontend programming and implementation. Tell us what you need.

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Markus Wingler
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+49 7541 70078-756