The appropriate Blockchain applications

The appropriate
Blockchain applications

Blockchain technology applications: Increased automation, secure transactions, more trust

Blockchain technology is the strategic IT tool for new business models and improved supplier relationships.

  • Find out if Blockchain technology is an alternative for your business challenge
  • Map your business processes with Blockchain technology
  • Work out the right steps for your blockchain business model and a fast, effective and successful implementation
  • Develop a decision template with us and set the right milestones



For which use case should you choose a blockchain solution?

When is the Blockchain the right technology for your business?

In our Blockchain workshop you will discover what potential the technology has for your business and what dangers you should avoid. Get support in the initial planning, get an evaluation basis for a successful technology changeover and a successful Blockchain implementation.

Enable IoT Devices to execute intelligent contracts

Payment & financial flows
Transactions without the participation of third parties

Identity Management
Ownership, customers, device management or SOTA sources

Maximize data security
Increase availability and integrity

Digital Contract Management
Contract terms, conclusion and execution: everything from one source

Cost optimization of the IT (hosting)
Allocate responsibility to multiple parties

Is Blockchain suitable for my business? Learn more

What does your blockchain project with doubleSlash look like?

Your Blockchain project starts with a two-day workshop at a location of your choice. In close cooperation with you, we plan the scope of the seminar, the contents of the conceptual recommendations for actions and the next steps for implementation:

1. Kick-Off and introduction workshop at your place

2. Evaluation of your use cases for feasibility using Blockchain technology

  • Technological effects

  • Changes in the IT landscape

3. Discussion of a change decision on the blockchain for explicit use cases

4. Evaluation of the problem solution fit of the blockchain for your application

  • Evaluation of relevant business processes.

  • Derivation of potential Blockchain use cases and an outline of possible SmartContracts.

  • Integration scenarios of the blockchain for your existing system landscape.

5. Concept & Documentation:

  • Derivation and documentation of the next steps
  • Presentation of results on site

With this Blockchain Project you will learn how

  • you can use Blockchain technology to add value to your business
  • to make a well-founded decision for your business model and your application
  • to find the right blockchain technology for your business
  • to define the right service modules, the appropriate procedure and the next steps of your blockchain initiative
  • to start your Blockchain project - with us as your integration partner

Make the right decision when it comes to Blockchain applications with doubleSlash

As an experienced IT service provider, we have already supported several companies in their blockchain initiative. The success factor here is to evaluate the application cases correctly as a neutral partner, to assess them correctly with regard to their blockchain suitability and to classify opportunities and risks appropriately

In the project we accompany our customers beyond the consultation in the selection of the suitable Blockchain technology (Hyperledger Fabric vs. Ethereum), the system design, Blockchain programming (SmartContracts), the Blockchain network construction up to the integration & implementation into the existing system landscape.


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