SubMan Connected Car

From transactional business to subscription business

How a leading car manufacturer is mastering the digital transformation

The path to a successful subscription business is not easy for many companies. Together with our product partner bill-X, we have documented how a well-known car manufacturer has embarked on this journey with our support. The company has realigned its business strategy to offer innovative digital services that are used in over two million vehicles worldwide every year.

We look at the challenges faced when introducing a subscription-based billing system and how the doubleSlash and bill-X team overcame them.

  • What are the technical and business hurdles to overcome during this transformation process?
  • How has the subscription business increased the manufacturer's efficiency?
  • What improvements did the implemented solution bring in terms of sales channels, pricing models and payment options?


    The case study offers you valuable insights into the future of the subscription business in the automotive sector and answers key questions about the implementation, scaling and long-term success of such a business model.

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