Condition-based maintenance for extending the service life of cable cars

We all like fast, comfortable cable cars to take us up the slopes for skiing or hiking – it's hard to imagine the mountains without them. But how is this faithful means of transport maintained and inspected, and how are worn or damaged parts replaced? Especially given that assets like these are usually situated in remote locations which are difficult to access. Our solution: To enable service departments to carry out basic checks and detect problems remotely.


Condition-based maintenance for remote asset inspection

Cable cars are unique in view of their different conditions and locations – and this fact needs to be taken into account for remote condition monitoring and problem detection. Even in terms of the number of stations, hardly any two cable cars are alike: while some have just an upper and lower station, others also have several middle stations. The topographical conditions also have to be considered since they have a significant impact on routing. What’s more, the types of drive vary since they can be located either in the valley or further up on the mountain.  

Special attention must be paid to the operating conditions for lift systems. They are often exposed to freezing temperatures, while urban cable car systems are expected to function perfectly even in tropical heat.

In order to guarantee operating companies a successful return on investment, maximum availability is essential. Downtimes must be either reduced or avoided altogether. Meticulous condition-based maintenance is absolutely crucial for assets like these. The solution: the condition of the drive systems needs to be continuously monitored. Why? To detect potential damage or failures early so that maintenance measures can be initiated. This requires a digital service for condition-based maintenance. doubleSlash has already been involved in developing a similar system.

Rapid commissioning with an agile cloud-based approach

  • Using an agile process model, a digital service was transformed into a productive system within three months. A cloud based on Microsoft Azure provides a stable, scalable basis for the system. Company-specific extensions guarantee the security of the processed data in the next step. This is an important feature, especially in a multi-operator environment.

  • Other parameters for recording the condition of a cable car, such as oil properties, vibration data from the gearbox bearings and other elements of the drivetrain (such as motors and sheaves) are continuously queried by the system. The data is then analysed in detail in a high-performance data centre.

  • All the collected information and data is presented in a user-friendly dashboard. The resulting condition assessment is the basis for creating of a report which includes recommendations on how to move forwardfor optimal asset operation.

Condition-based maintenance – the solution for servicing unique assets

For assets or sectors where failures or maintenance tasks generate extra costs and effort, it makes sense to use digital services for monitoring purposes. Particularly for assets which are exposed to exceptional environmental factors, such as cable cars in skiing or hiking regions, condition-based maintenance is an excellent alternative to conventional maintenance strategies in terms of extending service life and providing high availability.
And going from prototype to deployable solution may only take a matter of months.

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