The data factory for high-quality data products

Automated data factory instead of manual data acquisition and preparation

The acquisition and manual preparation of data represents a considerable proportion of the development effort for data-based applications. This effort often prevents the use of real-time data. The doubleSlash data factory automates precise and targeted preparation of data, enabling automated generation of data products to facilitate reliable data-driven decisions. Our data factory helps you gain valuable insights into your products, your clients and the interaction between them.

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Data products – more than just prepared data

A data product is a product-like dataset that generates a specific benefit. Data products are created by the data factory and can be accessed through an API, for example. Actual use of the data products (such as visualisation) is carried out by subsequent applications such as BI systems, dashboards, process controls or use cases such as intelligent fault detection.



Time saving and optimal quality through data products

Whether it's about analysing correlations, training intelligent algorithms or developing data-based applications: without the right dataset, developing data products takes an inordinate amount of time. Data analysts and developers find themselves hitting the same hurdles time and time again.


Data requirements

Challenge: It’s not clear which technical data is needed. The definition of the data product is not specific enough, meaning that mapping to existing data or data yet to be acquired is not possible.

Our Solution:The necessary data products are recorded for each use case and used to derive the technical data requirements. This creates clear prerequisites in terms of the required dataset.


Challenge: Existing datasets are not fully transparent or accessible.

Our Solution:Existing and additionally required data sources are systematically cataloged, optimised and integrated. The data is processed into a technically meaningful overview in the form of a data product.

Data access

Challenge:There are technical and organisational hurdles which make it difficult or impossible to access data.

Our Solution: Distributed data sources are integrated on a single platform using uniform methods and data formats. This significantly facilitates organisational and technical access. Clear responsibilities and short approval processes further accelerate the use of the data.

Data use

Challenge: Continuous changes to datasets prevent reliable use of data and lead to errors in the applications.

Our Solution: Clear maintenance processes and responsibilities facilitate reliable use of data products.


Solving your challenges together ▾

How the data factory can solve your challenges

The data factory automates the entire process: from connecting data sources to delivering high-quality data products. This means that more data-based decisions can be made in less time.

Here’s how we create your customised data factory:

  • First we perform a detailed analysis of your requirements for one or more data products.
  • We then derive a blueprint (=> data lineage) for your data products and select the data factory building blocks based on your requirements.
  • We arrange the individual production steps such that the data factory can create your data products in an automated and scalable manner.
  • We help you put the data factory into operation, whether in a cloud or on-premise environment.
  • We provide support in provisioning the data products for their intended use (display in dashboards, automation of decisions and machines, and so on).

Creating an efficient production line for your data products

How we design your data factory for high-quality data products

We work together with you to design a data factory that fits your requirements. If you already have your own systems for data preparation, we can help adapt them for your specific data.

How we build the data factory:

The data factory is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. Below is an overview of our established technology stacks:

Data Factory Technology Stack on Azure

Data Factory Technology Stack on AWS

Data Factory Technology Stack On-Premise


This is what you get from us:

  • A data factory that’s individually tailored to your needs: depending on your company's requirements, technology environment and level of data maturity, we create reliable software to process your data.
  • Fully functional production lines.
  • Help to put the production lines into operation.
  • You can expand the production lines independently or with our support in order to create high-quality data products.


What we bring to the table:

  • As a software company, we know the challenges of the target group first-hand and can respond more quickly to your requirements.
  • We have multiple years of cross-industry project experience in information provisioning for data-based decisions. This can be quickly adapted to your unique challenges.
  • We use an established process model for data factory implementation, helping us to provide your custom-fit solution faster.
  • We create the data factory on the basis of established technology stacks to provide you with a solution which is future-proof and easily maintainable
  • We have specialist knowledge of your customers’ data and products and how they interact. We can provide technical solutions for all the common functional problems.
  • Special areas of expertise: Connected Car, eMobility, autonomous driving, KPIs and billing & payment.



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