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Automated logbook – convenient and reliable

Web-based logbook – manual recording is a thing of the past

Keeping a logbook can be tedious and time-consuming – but it often proves to be worthwhile financially. The automated logbook eliminates the need for manual recording by automatically documenting and saving the key data of each journey made. This data can be extracted to generate tax reports.

doubleSlash was involved in developing an online logbook with BMW. A microservice architecture was used for the implementation. This helps process the journeys and enables automated export of reports.

Microservices: An ideal infrastructure for lean data processing and simple data export

To simplify and automate the process of recording journeys, doubleSlash implemented a microservices infrastructure. It is used to receive the vehicle journeys and save them directly to a database. The data can be viewed and processed via the microservices infrastructure (business logic) in a portal system (frontend) before the journeys are confirmed.

A certified report containing all the recorded information for a specific period can be easily exported for tax return activities.

Head-Up-Display mit automatisiertem Fahrtenbuch im Auto
Head-Up-Display im Auto zeigt automatisiertes Fahrtenbuch

doubleSlash – your partner for stable automation

Through automatic scaling within a product-as-a-service environment (OpenShift), the system has the ability to perform optimal peak load management. This is especially relevant if reports are generated periodically in connection with tax return activities, for example. With the use of continuous integration and continuous delivery, the logbook can be operated practically without any downtime. This means that customers can submit and edit journey data round the clock as well as generate documents for tax purposes.

Our services:

  • IT consulting
  • Project management
  • Agile development with Scrum
  • Software architecture
  • Microservices

Technologies used:

  • OpenShift
  • Joynr for communicating with vehicles
  • Gatling for load testing
  • iText for report generation

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