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Successful digitalisation in MedTech

Medtech services: Optimally orchestrating, optimising and managing medical devices

In the medical technology industry, devices are more than just tools – they are vital companions to healthcare.

  • Connect & Manage: Secure connectivity and management of your devices is the first step – with proper governance. Medical devices provide important data on statuses, operating parameters, usage time, problems and events.
  • Analyse & Decide: Professional evaluation of this data is crucial for reliable operation, predictive maintenance and effective troubleshooting. Gain valuable insights and optimise your devices for greater efficiency and improved user orientation.
  • Provide & Monetise: You can plan and design appropriate value-added services and billable functions (functions on demand) for your devices right from the start. This way, you break free from the traditional, finite product lifecycle and create long-term, profitable customer relationships based on continuous learning and device optimisation.
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Your benefits through digitalisation in medical technology


More individualised, easy-to-use products.

development cycles

Real-world usage data for your product development

Closer to the
customer faster

Real-time status information and direct access to your devices on-site at the customer.

More continuous

New business models and continuous revenue with your products.

Contact picture Stefan Dürnay
I've long been fascinated by digitalisation in the medical technology industry. Optimising processes, providing high-quality data and developing secure services opens up unique opportunities for taking patient care to a whole new level and shaping the future of healthcare. – Stefan Dürnay, Senior Project Manager


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