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The digital vehicle key – opening the door to the future of mobility

40 percent of today’s drivers can imagine replacing their car key with a smartphone. The same applies to every second customer of modern Keyless Go systems (54 percent). (Source:

Digital vehicle keys enable users to access vehicles easily and securely, manage configuration parameters and functional upgrades, and share their vehicle key with others – all via smartphone or smartwatch. The digital vehicle key on the smartphone is set to replace the analog key in future, enabling new functions and business models.

The digital vehicle key is an essential element of the customer’s overall mobility experience. Our solution allows you to implement the digital vehicle key in a way which is secure, flexible and customer-friendly.

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Here’s where we start – hand in hand with you and our "digital vehicle key"

Physical car keys have multiple functions nowadays: Unlocking and locking the vehicle, starting the engine, honking the horn, preheating the seats, or opening and closing the tailgate. The scope of functions is fixed, however, and the configuration options limited. A physical key cannot be updated over-the-air, duplicated and shared with others, nor can it be deactivated if it gets lost. The digital vehicle key offers all of these options. User-friendliness, security and standardisation are the most important factors with regard to implementation – and we use established, industry-wide standards as developed by the Car Connectivity Consortiums:



The customer is the focal point. In order to be successful, the digital vehicle key needs to integrate seamlessly into the customer journey and simplify the customer experience. It is vital that future generations of smartphone can be subsequently integrated with very little effort.


Cybersecurity is an essential aspect when it comes to digital keys and needs to be a top priority. Extensive and reliable protection against potential attacks from outside (such as cyber/hacker attacks or theft) should also be a major consideration.


Developing the digital vehicle key involves vehicle and smartphone manufacturers working together within a standardised framework with defined interfaces and best practices. The digital vehicle key can be used through the native apps for the customer’s Android or iOS smartphone.

Create, use & share the digital vehicle key

"Create" in detail

"Use & Share" in detail

1) A digital key is requested based on the physical key.

2) The OEM backend is the starting point for creating the digital vehicle key.

3) Smartphone elements are added to the digital key (cryptographic linking).

4) The digital key is registered in the vehicle.

5) The digital vehicle key is enabled for the primary user.

6) The digital key is now is provisioned on the secure element (SE) in the compatible smartphone (Wallet, for example) and can be used in the same way as a physical vehicle key.

1) The primary user selects the permissions for a second digital key and sends the invitation to a secondary user (friend).

2) The secondary user accepts the invitation. The second key is created and registered in the secondary user’s smartphone backend.

3) The cryptographic key pair is created and signed.

4) The signed key pair is imported and registered in the secondary user’s smartphone backend.

5) Tracking of the second key: Users can get status notifications regarding the second key (key capabilities and event notifications, for example).

6) Display of the activated second key in the primary user’s Wallet.

7) Activated main and second keys can access the vehicle based on previously defined authorisations.

Benefits & opportunities of the digital vehicle key

Benefits for OEMs & suppliers:

  • Unlike with physical vehicle keys, the features and functions of a digital vehicle key can be subsequently changed or updated by recreating the digital vehicle key. This offers a high degree of flexibility.
  • Digital vehicle keys enable flexible subscription models, car-sharing models as well as digital products around the vehicle.
  • A lost key can be deactivated using a mobile self-service app on the smartphone or in the portal of the OEM or car-sharing service provider. This not only makes life easier for the customer but also allows manufacturers to provide a leaner and more cost-effective support process.
  • Fleet management is considerably optimised by the digital vehicle key. Fleet vehicle keys can be easily created, shared or revoked. A key lockbox and 24/7 reception desk are no longer needed.

Benefits for users:

  • The smartphone is integral to a user’s everyday life. It is practically no longer possible to lose or misplace the key. 
  • Users can use the same functions as a physical key – natively and securely on the secure element in the smartphone.
  • This makes car sharing much easier, safer and more manageable: authorisations can be limited to specific times and locations or revoked at the touch of a button.
  • Users can share their key other people through the smartphone manufacturer’s native messaging applications, even over a long distance.
  • Parameters stored on the key can be transferred to the vehicle. These parameters activate functions or authorisations such as opening the doors, starting the engine or speed limits.

How we can support you in developing digital key solutions

We develop the backend systems that enable you to implement the digital vehicle key, and integrate these systems seamlessly into your existing connected mobility landscape – in accordance with the standards of the Car Connectivity Consortium.


Our services

  • Specialist technical evaluation of the use of digital vehicle keys in new business models and vehicle functions.
  • Our solution exploration provides the foundation for your architecture and the solution design of the digital vehicle key.
  • Tried and tested implementation and integration of a secure cloud backend solution into the environment of the automotive manufacturer, supplier or mobility provider enabling them to offer a digital vehicle key in their portfolio.
  • Comprehensive safeguarding of the solution (legal guidelines and interfaces, for example) through a comprehensive and automated testing strategy.
  • doubleSlash uses scalable, state-of-the-art cloud technologies and agile software methods.


Results and artefacts:

  • Technical feasibility study as a basis for decision-making.
  • Expert assessment and potential analysis of your customer journey with the integration of the digital vehicle key.
  • Implementation of a stable, secure and scalable cloud backend.


What we bring to the table:

  • doubleSlash works according to the global standards of the Car Connectivity Consortium (the member companies of which include smartphone manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers)..
  • As an IT service provider, we have first-hand experience of serving as the implementation partner for several top OEMs who have built digital key solutions.
  • We have 20 years of project experience in the field of automotive cloud solutions and automotive security as well as in the connected mobility environment.
  • We are certified according to ISO 9001 and within the TISAX scheme.
  • Besides integration, doubleSlash also provides well-established standardised operations templates to ensure smooth and high-quality operations.
  • Through an extensive and proven partner network in the connected mobility ecosystem, doubleSlash can tap into the know-how of multiple automotive security experts.


20 years of experience in connected mobility

doubleSlash has already successfully implemented the standards developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium at leading OEMs. Together with smartphone manufacturers, solution exploration and implementation of the backend services were carried out in an agile project environment. The worldwide rollout and the provision of support services (3rd level) were also part of the project. We have been managing implementation projects and rollouts in the field of connected mobility for over 20 years.

How can we support you in implementing a digital vehicle key?

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Markus Beller
Markus Beller
Expert Connected Mobility

+49 7541 70078-715