Meet the
Management Board

At doubleSlash, the team is very important. We also consistently apply this in our management. A broad base of eight other associated partners collaborates to make joint corporate decisions. Together with our Managing Partners, corporate decisions at doubleSlash are made on a broad basis.


Konrad Krafft is Managing Director and co-founder of doubleSlash. He is responsible for business development and is is consistently eager to explore new technologies, evaluating their potential benefits.



As Managing Director, Andreas Strobel is responsible for the 'Customer Success' division. He is passionate about crafting sales strategies and exploring future markets for digital products and services, along with managing purchasing and supplier relationships.



As Managing Director, Patrick Schmerbach is responsible for the "People & Delivery" division. In addition to his enthusiasm for doubleSlash's key figures, his passion lies in the further development of delivery models for customer projects.



Sabine Rossbach is responsible for project management, marketing the Software Factory and developing key customers. In this sense, she is always looking for innovations that can be realized in a way that adds value for the customer.



Matthias Sekinger, a proxy holder at doubleSlash, oversees the "Connected Mobility" business unit at doubleSlash, with focus on eMobility and Digital Key. He is also involved in shifting the company to a product-centric sales strategy.



Jürgen Birkle oversees and takes charge of significant projects within the automotive sector at doubleSlash. Collaborating with his development teams, he also contributes to the initiation and support of new customer projects, particularly in the realms of subscription management and digital key.



Wolfgang Kleinertz oversees the "Federated Data Spaces" business area at doubleSlash, with a focus on Gaia-X and Catena-X. Additionally, he concentrates on quality and knowledge management within the company.



Özlem Özdalyan has recently joined the management team, leading the establishment of a new delivery team in Munich. Additionally, she is tasked with managing demanding large-scale projects within the automotive sector.



Leonie Hlawatsch is in charge of human resources at doubleSlash. With an eye for New Work aspects, she also plays a key role in shaping the "Organizational Structure and Change Management" for the doubleSlash team.



Nicky Graßmann oversees the "Data-Driven Services" business area and manages cost efficiency in software development.

Danny Claus concentrates on the Internet of Things and the development of AI applications. Additionally, he oversees the Munich location and leads a delivery team there.