Subscription Management for Digital Services


Modern subscription management - suitable for your IT and process landscape

When they use digital services, customers only want to pay using/after using the service. They are looking for a tariff that suits them best - e.g. pay-per-use or flat rate. Here we are talking about subcription management.

These different tariffs have to be billed differently. In view of the increased complexity imposed by the flexibility necessary to handle all the requirements, existing inventory systems such as order and account management are reaching their limits. In order to be able to meet these requirements, the inventory systems would have to be adapted at great expense.

The good news is: You don't have to take care of it yourself. With a well thought-out billing system, micropayment, subscription or pay-per-use models can be efficiently billed and integrated into the existing accounting system.

You're Asking Yourself These Questions?

  • Which subscription management solution fits my requirements and my services best?
  • How can the billing process be optimally integrated into the customer journey?
  • How do I get the usage dataconverted into invoice items?
  • How can I ensure that the invoice items are calculated correctly from an accounting point of view?
  • How do I present the calculation of these items and prices to my customers in an understandable way?
  • How can I add discount campaigns, special campaigns or customer-specific conditions to the billing?
  • How can the Subscription Management be integrated into the legacy IT?

This is how we support you in the selection and implementation of a Subscription Management System

In order to offer your customers an easy-to-use service, it is important to understand which business processes are affected by billing. With our subscription management consulting you will start your project well informed. You know your requirements and we transform them into the fitting subscription management solution. This way your customers have an optimal customer journey throughout the entire service usage process.



Mediation Process - Collecting Usage Data as the Basis for Invoicing

The billing-relevant data, generated when the customer uses the service, is collected centrally and used for the purpose of billing. There are many interfaces to systems collecting the data. We support you in the management and quality assurance of interfaces, the integration of relevant data providers and in the negotiation of service level agreements (SLAs).

Price Calculation and Rating - as Individual as Your Customers

Prices are calculated on the basis of consumption data - depending on the customer's contract. In order to offer your customers the best possible service, it’s meaningful to design the tariffs as simple and individual as possible. Whetherpay-per-use model, subscription, one-off transactions such as activation fees or add-ons, but also vouchers or discount campaigns - we show you how this affects your billing processes. We also keep an eye on grace periods.

Market-Specific Customs and Tax Calculation

Different tax rates and tax rules may apply to different products, customers and markets. In case of cross-border distribution, customs duties must also be observed. You benefit from our best practices. For example, we support you in the selection and integration of external providers who handle the market-specific tax calculation.

Billing and Invoicing - Integrated into Your Financial Systems

The invoice process and the creation of the invoice document are dependent on the contract, such as the rate, payment method, and payment period. Market-specific requirements arise here, such as currency conversion (multicurrency). In addition, there is further information on the invoice, such as the duration or quantities. It is necessary to connect the interface to the secondary and main books and, depending on the sales model, e.g. cross-shop sales, to take into account further settlements between the sales partners.

Dunning and Receivables Management –You're on the Safe Side

We support you with the implementation and configuration of different dunning levels as well as with the provision of reports. We also provide an interface to debt collection services.

Payment - with Common and Modern Payment Methods

We help you to offer different payment methods for your service - from credit card or PayPal up to Mobile Payment. In addition, we take care of the interface to payment providers and the tracking of the payment status so that you and your customers have full transparency in the payment process.

Subscription Management in Practice

Flexible tariff and campaign management

In order to optimally adapt the different tariffs to customer needs, a subscription management solution is required which offers a flexible way of adapting tariffs and prices at runtime. For example, the usage of a service at particularly busy times sould be charged at higher prices, power users should be rewarded with a discount and different special discount campaigns should run at special times of the year.


Fast market rollouts and specific process adaptations for business units

Within the scope of market rollouts, topics such as currency, tax rates, address fields, etc. are extended or adapted market-specifically. The subscription management system reacts to these adaptations with a flexible client concept in which specific changes for markets or business units can beeasily configured. This also applies to customer-specific individual workflows. The subscription management system must easily adaptable to this.


One invoice for everything

For optimal customer satisfaction and loyalty, different products and services are often offered in one shop, e.g. additional leasing contracts. Of course, the customer wants this consolidated on one invoice. This increases the number of interfaces and services must also be billed between the business partners. The subscription Management System is able to invoice the services of the different contract partners based on the usage data. This is particularly relevant if the service is provided by a third party which has to pay additional commission fees.

doubleSlash is your service provider for the selection and introduction of subscription management.

With the introduction of a subscription management solution, we follow an established and proven procedure: together we define and refine your requirements and based on these requirements, we select the subscription management system which suites the requirements best. We at doubleSlash ensure that the billing for your digital service is legally secure and reliable - so that you can fully focus on the development of your service and business model.


Why doubleSlash is the right partner for you



Keeping an eye on long-term change of your business model

We know from years of experience with IoT projects: A digital service fundamentally changes your existing business model. We will show you what you need to consider and how this will affect your billing processes today and in the future. Together with you, we determine your requirements to the subscription management and we involve all relevant stakeholders in this process.


Best practices from large international IoT projects

We take your customer's perspective, define the customer journey and the underlying business and IT processes together with you. In doing so, we also consider future changes which may arise. With us you can rely on a partner with years of experience and tool know-how in widely used billing systems. We know market-specific requirements and will find the right system for your business.


Interface to your IT

We speak business and make IT. Together with your IT, we select a secure and flexible subscription management solution. We focus on high availability and that the new solution can be appropriately integrated into your IT landscape. This also includes the design of the technical interfaces, into which we involve all relevant stakeholders.


Testing and market rollout

We have many of experience in testing and quality assurance of IT systems - from module to end-2-end testing. We apply automated testing whenever possible and economically reasonable. Thanks to numerous international projects, we are your reliable partner when it comes to the rollout of your subscription management in global markets.


Agile approach to volatile market requirements in a new business

We know you're under time pressure to develop your digital service. That's why we take an agile approach to ensure a smooth introduction of the billing system. We follow the credo: "Think big, start small" and help you to prioritize the most important requirements. In this way, we ensure that the new system scales and can react to volatile requirements both coming from the further development of services and markets.

We make sure that your subscription management works.

We offer you individual consultation on the subject of subscription management, where we consider your market-specific requirements, your process and IT landscape and your customer structure. Our goal is to find the subscription management solution which fits your service best.

Proofed and Certified Software and Product Development

We Ensure Your Billing of Digital Business Models!

We offer you individual advice on the billing processes behind your digital service. We look at your market-specific requirements, your process and IT landscape and your customer structure. Our aim is to work with you to find a suitable billing system that matches your service.

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