Sustainable software quality assurance – your benefits at a glance

Quality assurance begins on the very first day of a software project. Acceptance criteria are defined for all phases as well as which artifacts are to be produced. Quality assurance thus runs through the entire project and ensures that the expectations placed on the software are met, even once the project is completed.

Completeness, consistency and testability are prerequisites so that the right IT solution can be developed, tested for quality and evaluated right from the start. A test concept includes all the information needed for quality assurance throughout the entire development process (test plan, test design, provision of a test environment, definition of tool usage). Defect management is used to identify, document and track any defects in the software product and check that they have been successfully resolved. Regular reporting by the test manager ensures transparency and measurability in terms of the quality of the software.

Professional testing with the right tools and methods:

  • Validation of the expectations and KPIs of the software project through testing in compliance with standards
  • Continuous reporting and monitoring to ensure compliance with the defined KPIs
  • Transparency and credibility through the verification and validation of software quality, for example, through quantative data, peaks and load balancing
  • Minimisation of risks to ensure the success of the software project
  • Functional software whose quality is confirmed and secured
  • Identification and elimination of bottlenecks (e.g. performance), avoiding compromisable interfaces and ensuring verifiable stability
  • Sustainability and investment security in software usage by incorporating future usage considerations today, for example, through continuous building or load testing
  • Detection of errors and issues in the software before it is released
  • Securing complex process chains through integration testing
  • A professional perspective on the software from an external standpoint
  • Fulfilment of verification requirements through audits and reports, e.g. compliance and accessibility

Technology Stack

doubleSlash is your expert for professional quality assurance

Are you looking for an independent expert for your software project or a professional assessment of existing software?

We offer professional quality assurance services, from planning and defining acceptance criteria to automated testing and transparent documentation. You’ll be supported all the way by our certified experts, who successfully and professionally test and safeguard software quality on a daily basis.

Expert software testers working on-site every day

Our highly-qualified test managers and coordinators have years of testing experience in a wide range of projects and will be happy to support you throughout the entire testing process. We can provide specialists for Java backend, web frontend, databases and interfaces. We work with a pool of test managers, specialist testers, test automation experts and usability testers who can work directly on-site to professionally manage and carry out testing activities. With an external perspective on your IT solution as well as the four-eye principle in terms of quality assurance between software design and programming, we offer comprehensive, professional quality assurance. We hold ISTQB, DIN ISO and ITIL certification.

What we offer you:

  • Planning and test conception including test cases, guidelines and KPIs
  • Validation of the software architecture through quality scenarios
  • Definition of quality objectives in/right from the design phase in the form of a quality tree with application and change scenarios
  • Quality control of test procedures
  • Programming of automated tests (JUnit, SoapUI)
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Web interface security testing (manually or automated with Selenium)
  • Test data creation and (script) programming as well as test configuration
  • Securing of all interfaces for REST, RMI, web services, queues
  • Code review
  • Documentation plus regular and final reporting

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