Data visualisation

Data visualisation – quickly recognise connections and make data interactively usable

Information from data is often easier to capture and use visually than through complex algorithms and machine processing. The visual preparation of data with diagrams, maps or graphs helps to quickly identify correlations, trends or deviations. Product managers, for example, can use data-based decisions to improve their products and services.


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With Office tools such as Excel, small amounts of data can be quickly converted into a chart. But things get complicated when:


  • the presentation possibilities are not sufficient to visualise the required information

  • the data volumes become too large to be processed with office tools

  • you want to work interactively with the representations

  • needs-based views should be presented and provided for different target groups

  • data from different systems are to be merged into one evaluation

  • dashboards need to be updated regularly


With the help of various visualisation tools, data can be connected much more easily and quickly and presented in an attractive way – even without technical expertise.

Based on your needs, we look for suitable ways and tools to visualise your data. We prepare existing data in such a way that it is suitable for visualisation (data preparation) and create dashboards for your use cases. In the future you will be able to carry out interactive data analyses yourself – and also save time.

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Do you ask yourself these questions frequently?

  • What connections exist between product characteristics, target groups and the market performance of my product?

  • How well does my product or service work under what conditions?

  • How do I get data contexts communicated to my target group in a suitable format?

  • How can large amounts of data (e.g. sensor data) be condensed and displayed in a meaningful way and still identify important details?

  • How can I quickly adapt dashboards to acute reporting needs?

Self Service BI – Tableau and Power BI in comparison (German blog post)

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This dashboard illustrates the leading frameworks or libraries used in web development. Click on the year, name or state to see the changes. When analysing the search queries in terms of regions, the first thing that emerges is that jQuery is the most popular. Only in the context of time (from 2017) does it become apparent that Angular is ahead especially in the south and increasingly in the west. However, a lack of data from eastern German cities also highlights the limitations of the analysis. For a real picture, the data basis would need to be questioned and examined in more detail at this point.
Data Source: Google Trends


Data visualisation in practice: Where are the added values of interactive data analysis?

We can show you examples from various industries:

Evaluating user behaviour: further developing services based on data

Via a data platform, a major vehicle manufacturer offers new services and business models based on telematics data. By means of data evaluation, he wants to obtain information about their use and success. This requires a high degree of interactivity in order to cover a wide range of information needs, e.g. evaluations per market or per user group.

Condition monitoring: visualisation of machine sensor data

Connected machines send huge amounts of sensor data from which patterns or conspicuous features cannot easily be identified. Only through data visualisation and in connection with e.g. environmental factors do conspicuous features – such as when a threshold value is exceeded – become apparent. The product manager can thus act more quickly.

Interactive data analysis: understand causalities quickly and easily

In marketing departments, various data from different tools provide information about buying interests and the most effective messages. Exports into Excel sheets are often unwieldy and difficult to put into context. An interactive data analysis allows causalities to be traced and campaigns to be optimised more quickly.


doubleSlash is your experienced service provider for data visualisation

We support our customers in the field of data science and data management as an integrated partner – from data integration, consulting and application of complex machine learning methods to data visualisation. We focus on long-term and cost-efficient solutions – whether it’s self-service BI or customised web front-end.  

What we offer you in the field of visual analytics:



Consulting in visual analytics:

Whether it’s Tableau, Qlik Sense, Microsoft Power BI or a custom-built web front-end – we support you in selecting suitable visualisation forms and tools. While doing this, we have both your technical requirements and the specifications of your IT system landscape in mind. Together, we will answer the question of how the required information can be best obtained from the data by means of suitable forms of presentation, thus ultimately providing you with the insights you want.


Creating a suitable database

We analyse existing data with regard to your application. How can data from existing systems be combined in a meaningful way? Are there conspicuous features in the data quality? After answering these questions, we develop the best solution together with you.


Implementation of dashboards for interactive data analysis and support during tool implementation:

Once the appropriate visual analytics solution has been found, we are available as a coach during the entire pilot phase. We support you in creating dashboards and implement the visualisation of the data according to your requirements. As “data artists” we not only ensure visually appealing results, but also that your storytelling is optimally accompanied during the data visualisation.


The deployment of motivated and qualified employees (Germany’s Best Employers 2017, IREB, OCEB, ISAQB, ISTQB, etc.) and the use of modern technologies and methods are the basis for successful customer projects.

How can we help you to visualise your data?

Whether it’s consulting for the introduction of a self-service BI solution or implementation of data preparation and dashboards – tell us which project you are planning in the field of data visualisation and we will be happy to support you.

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