Quick check of your subscription process & system landscape

Seeking success with your subscription-based business model?

Get a clear picture of the current state of your process and system landscape. Together we’ll identify the next vital steps on the way to achieving success in your subscription business.

Our experience has shown that the challenges involved in implementing and improving IT processes and systems are often shared by a number of our customers. Our consulting services prioritise stabilisation and scalability to ensure you reach your goals efficiently. Using our quick check, we jointly chart a course for a successful product – swiftly and straightforwardly.

How? Read on.

Here’s where we start.

  • Has your current system landscape grown organically to a point where it cannot accommodate your planned subscription business models?

  • Does your new business model require significant modifications to upstream or downstream systems?

  • Are there existing functions that need to be migrated to your new system before you can replace your legacy system?

  • Are processes and data flows becoming increasingly complex?

  • Are disruptions in ongoing operations making maintenance more challenging?

  • Are performance and scalability critical to your business model?

  • Does the implementation of new requirements in the subscription process entail substantial costs in terms of budget and time?

Our approach. This is how we reach our goal together.

To analyse the current situation and identify existing pain points, we use our established reference model. Our joint workshops foster a shared understanding across all stakeholders and system components. We identify both known and unknown pain points and provide consulting services focussed on ensuring stable, future-proof subscription management.



Our services.

  • Current state analysis of the relevant existing processes, architecture and interfaces for subscription management.
  • Identification and description of pain points and their impact on the current subscription management components from a functional and technical perspective.
  • Evaluation and ranking of the pain points (by priority, for example).
  • Development of recommendations and measures to solve or eliminate the highest priority points.
  • Knowledge transfer to your team, if required.


Results and artifacts.

  • You get a ranked list of the pain points identified with regard to the current state of your process and system landscape.
  • We also provide you with a list of measures and recommendations.


What we bring to the table.

  • The established doubleSlash reference model for subscription management.
  • Good practices from over 10 years of project experience.



Our doubleSlash quick check:

Gives you a clear picture of the current state. Empowers you to take the next valuable steps towards your successful subscription business.


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"doubleSlash is an expert for IT and software systems in the field of subscription management. We bring the expertise for our products and business models - doubleSlash the expertise for suitable systems and IT development. With such a digital partnership, we ensure quality, flexibility and a fast time-to-market."

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We offer you individual and independent advice on your subscription model: from market-specific requirements to suitable process and IT landscapes.

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